10-Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Delhi & New Delhi

1. The Delhi Red Fort

The Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan in 1648 and served as the seat of Mughal power until 1857. ITs tall, red sandstone walls cover an area of more than two square kilometers. The entirety of which is crescent-shaped and surrounded by a moat. the Lahore Gate is so named as it faces Lahore in Pakistan, while the even grander Delhi Gate was used by the emperor for ceremonial processions.

Entering through the Lahore Gate, visitors reach Chhatta Chowk, a 17th-century. The Naubat Khana within the Red Fort once housed the musicians who played for the empire. its fine galleries still contain many interesting musical instruments such as kettledrums, gongs, and cymbals. The Hall of Public Audiences, where the emperor would receive his subjects, is also worth seeing for stunning white marble.

2. The Delhi Lotus Temple

The brilliant Bahá’í House of Worship called the Lotus Temple. Its nine sides and the staggering focal vault are a structural work of art. Built of white cement and marble, the whole design looks as sensitive as the bloom it takes after. Ascending from the encompassing nine pools of water. It nearly shows up as though it may blast into sprout at any second.

Another cutting-edge sanctuary deserving of a visit is the ISKCON Temple, one of the country’s greatest Krishna sanctuary edifices.

Address: Lotus Temple Road, Shambhu Dayal Bagh, Bahapur, New Delhi, Delhi 110019

3. India Gate

Looking a little like the famous Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the equally impressive India Gate. a magnificent stone arch built as a memorial to Indian soldiers killed in WWI.

The structure dominates the parkland around it, and always busy area with crowds of tourists and locals alike enjoying a picnic or simply relaxing. For a real treat, try to see the India Gate at night, considered one of the top free things to do in New Delhi; it’s a spectacular sight when it and nearby fountains are floodlit.

Address: Rajpath, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

4.Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid is perhaps the biggest mosque and was the last engineering accomplishment of Shah Jahan. Finished in 1658, this excellent construction highlights three passages, four calculated pinnacles, and two 40-meter-high minarets assembled utilizing red sandstone and white marble and alluringly rotated in vertical stripes. Guests can move to the highest point of the southern minaret for awesome perspectives on Old Delhi, and subsequently visit the huge focal pool utilized for washing before supplications (guests should remove their shoes and befittingly dressed prior to entering;non muslim comunity.

Thereafter, make certain to visit Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi’s huge principal avenue and a market region committed to shopping and eating. Quite compelling are Naya Bazaar and Gadodial, acclaimed flavor markets where you’ll see many things shown including aniseed, ginger, pomegranate, saffron, lotus seeds, pickles, and chutneys.

Address: Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi

5. Akshardham

Albeit as of late finished (it opened in 2007), the astonishing Hindu Akshardham sanctuary seems as though it very well may be exceptionally old. Trimmed with complex and elaborate carvings, this eminent structure draws in endless guests for its great excellence.

Features incorporate the shocking 43-meter-high fundamental landmark with its rich carvings of creatures, plants, divine beings, artists, and performers, all produced using pink sandstone and marble. Of specific note are the 234 resplendent columns supporting its nine arches, just as a staggering stone recognition for elephants, the highlight of which is a monstrous 3,000-ton sculpture of one of these monsters.

Different highlights of revenue incorporate a performance center appearance a film following the structure’s development, a great 15-minute boat ride portraying India’s rich history and assorted culture, and the stupendous Yagnapurush Kund, a huge melodic wellspring that is a specific treat when lit up around evening time.

Address: Noida Mor, New Delhi, Delhi 110092

6. Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rajpath, otherwise called the King’s Way, is New Delhi’s conventional stately road.

At the western finish of Rajpath, the President’s Residence-the Rashtrapati Bhavan (when the British Viceroy’s home)- is without a doubt quite possibly the most brilliant structures in Delhi, a varied blend of Mughal and European compositional styles that contains about 340 luxuriously brightened rooms.

Address: Gates 30 and 35, President’s Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110004

7. Gandhi Smriti and the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial

Various references can be found to Mahatma Gandhi all through Delhi, a demonstration of the man’s heritage. Of the numerous attractions identified with the celebrated head of the Indian autonomy development, maybe the best is Gandhi Smriti (Gandhi Remembrance), a historical center housed in the property where he was killed in 1948.

Features incorporate presentations and memorabilia identifying with the two his life and passing, remembering the space for which he remained, left precisely as it was at that point, just as the new Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum with authentic records enumerating his numerous accomplishments.

Address: 5 Tees January Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110011

8. National Zoological Park

The National Zoological Park. And gives a territory to somewhere in the range of 1,500 creatures and bird species. The bountiful natural life in plain view is illustrative of all landmasses, including various models from Africa, Australia, and Asia.

Of specific note are the zoo’s various chimpanzees, alongside hippopotamuses, bug monkeys, zebras, hyenas, deer, pumas, and tigers. A specific feature for youngsters is the underground Reptile Complex, which houses an assortment of snakes, including the destructive ruler cobra. A great method to get around the zoo’s numerous attractions is through one of the little electric vehicles that whisk travelers around the recreation center.

Address: Mathura Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110 003

9.The National Rail Museum

Spread across 10 areas of land, the National Rail Museum houses more than 30 trains. A couple of old carriages. This fascinating site, consolidating an engine verifiable 1885 and the Fairy Queen steam engine from 1855.

Different features incorporate a few interesting things, for example, an assortment of cantina vehicles having a place. With the country’s once-amazing Maharajas, including the teak carriage of the Maharaja of Mysore, covered with ivory; the lodge of the Prince of Wales from 1876.

For youngsters, a ride on a great thin check steam train is all essential for the good times.

Address: Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021Official site:

10.The Hauz Khas Complex

The Hauz Khas Complex is an entrancing metropolitan town somewhat south of New Delhi. Notwithstanding its various old stone landmarks. The whole town is spattering with domed burial chambers of minor Muslim sovereignty.

These Different features incorporate the leftovers of an antiquated school and the burial chamber of Firoz Shah.

who administered Delhi in the fourteenth century, just as Ki Masjid, a fine mosque worked in Lodi style.

Address: Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi


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